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Career Day Setup

Setting up and running a successful careers day stand takes a little work and know-how. On this page we wanted to share with you the tricks to setting one up successfully and how we, as Africa Media, can support you.


What resources do you need to set-up a successful stand?


A large hanging banner, or stand-up banner, is essential to draw students to your stand. You can either print one of ours from a template, or have one of our existing ones sent to you (if we have resources in country)


Brochures are a great takeaway for prospective interns. Make sure you put your personal contact details onto the brochure before printing!

Laptop / monitor

Looping the Africa Media promotional videos for prospects will keep them entertained for a few minutes; especially if you are already chatting to another prospect and they are waiting to speak with you. If you can connect your laptop to a monitor, this helps (but make sure you have access to power!)

Business cards

Business cards can’t hold as much information, but people will typically keep them longer than brochures. Having a business card is personal and will help ensure your personal engagement, and give them someone they know to contact if they have any further questions.

Signup Sheet

Having a sign-up sheet at your stand is absolutely essential; this allows you to collect their information so you can send them any further information about the program, and follow up with them if they are interested in booking. It also allows us to keep in touch with them even if they want to attend later down the track.

Shirt & Hat

Remember, first impressions count, and it is all about looking the part. Wearing your Africa Media t-Shirt and/or hat will allow you to portray that you are part of the team. 



If you have a careers day in mind, write to Fiona and get approval from Africa Media to setup a stand. It would help if you have good info ready when first approaching us (university, costs, rules etc.)


Check if the fair has any specific rules attached to it – do you need an ID badge? Must the prices of the programs be shown on promotional material? If so, communicate with Fiona to ensure we fully comply 


Registration of a stand typically requires payment and approval. Find out from the organiser the costs involved and registration process. Follow this and invoice Africa Media to reimburse you for the registration fee.


Get your resources together. This includes brochures, business cards, banners, videos, signup sheets etc. Get quotes on printing costs beforehand and send to Fiona for approval before submitting the paypal invoice. Check with the organiser to find out exactly what will be provided for you (tables, chairs etc.) 


Your success at recruiting will be determined by your level of expertise. You probably only participated in a single program, so spend time reading up on our other three programs. Be the expert!


Setting up the stand early is essential; ensure you have time to sort out those little problems that inevitably arise. Remember, this stand is the face of Africa Media and yourself; put our best foot forward. 


Listen and engage. Remember you are not a sales person, but a person who has experienced first-hand our programs. Use your personal story of Africa to guide your engagement with a prospect. 


After the fair, it is important to continue the sales process via email and phone. Make this easier by logging all your prospects into the Africa Media system at our prospect upload section. 

10 great tips to a successful career fair booth

1. Before the event

Take time to complete your registration form carefully; avoid spelling errors, follow directions, ensure profile information is relevant to delegates at each career fair. A candidate’s decision to visit your stand will be strongly informed by what they read in the exhibitor guide.

2. Know your audience

If the career fair is held at an academic institution prepare a list of their suitable interests for the internships (biology, media, animals, conservation, diving, Africa). Focus on promoting the internships as these will be of greater interest to an academic crowd. 

3. Be prepared

Make sure whoever is manning the stand (you) is fully informed; what internships are available, information about our organisation, the type of people we accept etc. To attract prospects, you’ll need to be clear on why our organisation is a great choice; great experience, personal mentoring, quality equipment, incredible encounters, Africa Media’s culture etc. These will have a large influence on a prospects likelihood to engage.

4. Setting up

Delegates often arrive within the first hour to maximize their time at the event and it can be the most motivated students who arrive earliest. Make sure your stand is set up ahead of time and that the necessary team are ready. Have printed or online versions of the internships for reference and don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards to make it easy for prospects to follow up with you.

5. Attracting delegates

In addition to a professional-looking stand and engaging staff, a sure-fire way to generate interest among candidates is to bring flyers, branded giveaways, and candy. A giveaway can be fun or useful, and is a good reminder of our organisation after the event.

6. Appearances count

Don’t be shy! Come out from behind your table in order to make yourself more approachable and stand, don’t sit. Try not to sit on your phone all the time. Wear nametags, shake hands, and dress smartly in your Africa Media branded clothes.

7. First impressions

Take time to talk to delegates even if they are not suitable for the internships we have currently open. They may be of interest as candidates at a future point in their careers, and a great first impression can set the tone for future conversations. You are the face of  Africa Media and possibly the only point of contact the prospective intern will ever have – how you engage with them will leave a lasting impression.

8. Starting a conversation

Consider what your opening sentence will be; open questions and small talk work well as an introduction. It’s tempting to go for the hard sell but being friendly and informative is sure to be more effective.

9. Don’t disappoint

Try to avoid redirecting delegates to our website – Yes, there’s a lot of information there, but remember that visitors come to a careers fair to engage with organisations face-to-face, and it’s frustrating to not get that personal connection. Plus there’s no guarantee that they will actually take the time to look up our site, or find what they are looking for.

10. After the fair

You’ll have a list of names and contact details for prospective interns that are interested in Africa Media. Devise a plan for following up with them. First step: ensure they receive a brief email or phone call thanking them for their interest. When prospective interns contact you, ensure you respond quickly and personally to reinforce the positive image you worked hard to create at the fair.