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Marketing Ideas

The ‘make or break’ of successful recruiting is getting the word out there! 

The ‘make or break’ of successful recruiting is getting the word out there! Firstly to let people know that there are these awesome programs in Africa, and secondly, to let them know that you have been there, done that, and thus can ensure that the experience and training is legit! To help you start out, here are some of the most successful techniques you can use to market the programs! good luck, and hit us up if you have more questions or suggestions.

Uni career days

We suggest contacting either your college/Uni if you are still attending OR the local or nearby uni’s and find out how you can have a stand or make an appearance at their career or club days. If you want to setup a stall, visit our essential info page for how to set up a successful careers day stand. Career day stand setup 

Department presentation

We suggest contacting either your college/Uni dept and see if you can do a presentation of  your experience in Africa to the student body – biology dept, media dept, journalism dept, photographic dept.

Hit the clubs

We suggest contacting local and university clubs in the field you are keen to market ie. SCUBA diving schools, Photo Clubs or Film Clubs.

Get social!

We suggest posting some of the photos we have supplied OR your own photos on your social media on a weekly basis and provide a comment that is designed to get people to engage with you. Even put a shout out telling people to connect if they are interested in a program.

Get groupwise

A great method of Social Media marketing is joining social media groups whose member are potential students (e.g. University of Leeds Underwater SCUBA club) and then posting about the program on the group, as well as your email or FB identification to receive personal messages from students.

Department listserve

If the dept has a listserv – ie email the entire department’s student body or even past alumni – see if can use this to tell the students about the programs to engage with you

Poster campaign

We suggest contacting either your college/uni if you are still attending OR the local or nearby uni’s and find out whether you can leave a poster or flyers on the campus. Most universities have dedicated boards for students to place adverts etc.

Blog it

If you have a blog we suggest you blog about your experiences with Africa Media. Remember to keyword (for great SEO) and also to spread the word after you post (facebook groups and walls are a great place to start!)

Get personal

Chat and connect with your own personal network, nothing beat a personal story, begin by telling them about your adventure and time in Africa, then engage with them how they may also want to experience it.

Publish your adventure

If you are good at writing, then write articles for magazines. We are happy to supply additional supporting photos at no charge if you need them.