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Underwater Photography

Explore Africa’s fascinating marine world and master the art of dSLR underwater photography in the tropical paradises of South Africa’s Aliwal Shoal

Underwater Videography

Explore Africa’s marine world and master the art of underwater filmmaking using broadcast quality equipment in the tropical paradises of Southern Africa’s warm Indian Ocean

Wildlife Filmmaking

Produce and film your own wildlife documentary under the guidance of Africa Media. Filmed in the heart of one of Africa’s most renowned wildlife game reserves.

Wildlife & Travel Photography

Explore wild Africa on a tutored photographic safari with the team from Africa Media. Build a professional photographic portfolio of your adventure.

Sharkslive Broadcasting Internship

Join the Sharkslive team to assist in running their daily great white shark expedition broadcasts. As an intern you will receive extensive training in producing live broadcasts and working with, and filming, great white sharks.

Shark Specialist Program

Affiliate program. Live shark week every week as a volunteer with the Blue Wilderness Research Unit. An incredible opportunity to contribute to the unit’s research, conservation, education and tourism programs. 

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