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Sharkslive TV

Sharkslive is a collaboration between White Shark Africa and Africa Media. Together, we produce and broadcast live white shark cage diving expeditions during bi-weekly 4 hour productions

About the SRU

The Shark Specialist Program is run by the Blue Wilderness – Shark Research Unit in partnership with Africa Media. The Shark Research Unit is on a mission to ensure the long-term health of Southern African shark populations.  They can achieve their goal through research, education, and sustainable conservation solutions that we share with the appropriate decision makers. On the Shark Specialist Program, participants will work daily with the scientists, conservationists and educators to the shark research unit. 


The Shark Research Unit collaborates with local and international scientists and postgraduate students to conduct innovative marine research on the ecosystem and the sharks of world famous Aliwal Shoal. Of particular focus is population studies, human-shark impact studies, reef health studies, and ecological studies investigaing relationship between sharks and the Aliwal Shoal ecosystem


The Shark Research Unit aims to conserve the abundance and diversity of shark species and marine life in general within the Aliwal Shoal of South Africa. This mission is achieved via targeted conservation campaigns conducted by the research unit and coordinated with local stakeholders and government managers. 


The Shark Research Units outreach education program from our research unit introduces the wonders of the marine world to South African learners, local communities and our shark diving guests.

Learn more about the work of the Shark Research Unit here

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