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Recruiter claims form

In this section, you can request financial support from us to aid in your marketing efforts. Also, below you can log claims to get paid out for all your hard work.

Support we can offer you

We want to support you as much as possible. As such we are able to reimburse you for you various ‘out of pocket’ expenses incurred during your marketing efforts of our programs. However, please understand, for us to do this we must first give prior approval and you must also submit the receipts for the expenses you want us to reimburse you for.   Typically the amounts we approval for this support are:

Printing costs

  • Brochures – 50USD
  • Business cards – 20USD
  • Posters – 50USD
  • Banners – 100USD

Registration fees

  • Career fairs – 200USD


Check dates

Please remember, that if you are intending to be paid out, we pay out only twice per annum. These dates are:

  • May
  • November

Ensure you are getting credited

If unsure, please check with us regarding the number of recruits you are claiming rewards for. To check this before claiming, please communicate with Ryan at

Paypal details

For us to effect payment we require you to submit a paypal invoice to us. Please send the invoice to the following email address: When we receive this invoice we will pay out your booking commission.