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Great white sharks and Seal Island

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Clown fish
Reef Life
Orcas – Port & Starboard hunt shark
Orcas – Aerial of Port and Starboard
Great white sharks Underwater – Slow Motion (240FPS)
Great white sharks from Drone – General
Great white sharks with boat
Puffadder Shyshark – Day
Pyjama Catshark
Gibbs Kuguru
Great white shark breaching
Shark fishing in Mozambique
Cape Gannets Diving
Sardine Run
Seal Island Aerials
Aerials of Humpback whales
Quiver tress of South Africa
Westcoast wild flowers
African coastlines
African Elephants
Aerials of Giraffe herd
Bronze whaler shark aggregration
Great white sharks hunts humpback whale
Great white sharks underwater in blue water
White Sharks and Seal Island
Humpback dolphins from the air
White Sharks with Kayaks
White Sharks getting cleaned
Injured White Sharks
White Shark vs. Cape fur Seal


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Our mission is to build an enthusiastic generation of wildlife and environmental  specialists who have the skills and passion to build successful careers or make significant contributions in the wildlife and environmental media industry.



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