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Gibbs Kuguru

Shark geneticist and television personality


About Gibbs

Gibbs Kuguru is a Kenyan shark scientist who studies the DNA of sharks. Working with Great White Sharks at a cage diving company, he has honed his shark wrangling and seafaring skills and applied them to a number of shark species including Hammerheads, Threshers, Blues, and Sand Tigers. Gibbs is using his genetic research to better understand the unique elements in DNA that shape the populations of sharks in the blue wilds of the world. As a conservationist, he advocates for the stewardship of nature where people use our planetary resources in a sustainable way that enhances biodiversity in our environment.

Gibbs is currently completing his Doctor of Philosophy in Genomics at Wageningen University, revealing the causes behind a rare skin disorder affecting Blacktip Reef Sharks in the Maldives. His research may reveal insights into how these animals survive in the face of extinction caused by humans, including overfishing and climate change. Gibbs Kuguru is a 2022 National Geographic Wayfinder Award recipient.

Awards and Qualifications

2010 – Bachlor of Science

2016 – Masters of Science – University of Stellenbosch

2022 – Wayfinder Award recepitent – National Geographic Society

2022 – Explorer – National Geographic Society

Current – Doctorate of Philosophy – Wageningen University


2014 – Hammertime – 5050 Environmental Show

2022 – Camo Sharks – National Geographic’s Sharkfest



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