Michael Hewitt

Best experience of my life!

I joined the wildlife filmmaking program in 2018. At the start I was worried that it would be too advanced as I had never filmed wildlife before, although I had worked with cameras during my university studies. However, from start to finsih the instructors ensured tht I had full support. They work out who is good with cameras, who knows animals and then work with you individually on what you need to focus on. The time on Schotia game reserve was the best 9 days ever. We were mostly alone on the reserve and had the freedom to do loads of things and have incredible encounters with elephants, lions, rhinos, crocs and much more. The team really focus on training you and ensuring you get all the media content for your documentary, and although you work very long hours, you feel you are always doing things that are worthwhile. At the end of the program you show your film to all the students and staff, and is great way to finish as great month. Thank you everyone at Africa Media!