Ryan Eddowes

An incredible journey into Africa

My name is Ryan and I study Zoology with Herpetology at Bangor University in North Wales in the UK. I love studying the natural world and finding out its secrets. I have known for a long time that I wanted to go into wildlife filmmaking. I remember working one night on a report for university and while I went on a five-minute break I was on Facebook and I noticed an advertisement from Africa Media. I clicked on the link and started looking on the website. I spent about 20 minutes looking through everything, and I immediately sent an email saying, “I would love to come and learn wildlife filmmaking, how do I apply”. Within a few months I was packing my bags to go South Africa to fulfil my dream. I had the honour of meeting two people who were going to be the driving force behind my film; the first was Annie, who was a previous intern and now works at Africa Media, and the other was Ryan Johnson (world Great white shark expert, documentary filmmaker and producer). They both taught me so much, and I cannot thank them enough for their kindness. The highlight of my time there was when we travelled to Scotia private Game reserve for 10 days of pure filming and living in the bush at the mercy of nature. Apart from the filming, I made friends and connection there that will stick with me for life. I have made friends from all over the world, from India, to America and everywhere else in-between. Africa Media started my career of and whatever success comes my way, it has all been down to them. The incredible journey I have been on with them was beautiful and I hope one day to go back for another month.