Samantah Oh

My passion for wildlife photography flourished

I was a wildlife & Adventure Photography intern during this past March and April (2013) months, during which my passion for wildlife and adventure photography truly flourished. Unlike most standard 8-5 desk job internships, we spent much of our days out on an African safari, surrounded by beautiful wonders, photographing the ‘big-5’ at “Work!”. What more could you possibly ask for? Being thrown into such a dynamic environment, my creative success as a photographer was only bound by the limitations of my own imagination. Of course, we did spend hours in the media studio learning about practical things such a lightroom, wordpress, web design, SEO optimisation and the like, but I am just as thankful for gaining that knowledge as well. Africa Media understands that becoming a successful photographer requires not only having a captivating, diverse portfolio, but also a keen business and marketing sense. Without having basic knowledge of how to project my work to prospective clients, I would not be able to continue to do what I love! That being said, my time with Africa Media far exceeded my expectations I walked away with some of my best photographic work to date, a renewed passion for photography and adventure, a honed skill set across multiple digital platforms, and new business savvy. All in all, this photography internship with Africa Media is truly a unique and special opportunity that you will not regret.