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Read what some of our students had to say.

Jeannine Thompson

I literally went from never having picked up a real camera, to fulfilling my dream of making a documentary, and for that, I'm incredible grateful. Everyone was so warm and friendly to us. We feel like we made friends while we were there. We learned an incredible amount and are so grateful to have had this experience! We absolutely loved Schotia, BOE, the elephant walk, and Monkeyland! We had such a blast at the beach braii and the sailing trip we did with everyone. Johnny was personable and we enjoyed our time with him. We were so thrilled to have been the only students in the class so we could get such a personalized experience, especially at Schotia.

Rebecca Toogood

I chose to do the internship as part of my work experience for uni. The staff were really helpful beforehand and I was confident with what was expected of me. They checked what I wanted to get out of the program so that they could tailor specific activities to me and my interests. I learned a lot more than I would at university, as the course is specifically for Travel and Environmental journalism. So, goes into more detail on the type of writing and interviewing styles, how to make it freelance, etc.

Trey Boyen

I learned so much from Frikkie and all the other instructors in how to improve my photos and tell stories with them. Everyone at the guest house got along so well, and I could tell all the instructors and administrators really knew what they were doing. That and Janine is one of the best cooks in South Africa. This trip was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

work from our students

Student Portrait

These are images from students who enrolled for Wildlife & Travel Photography and Underwater Photography.

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