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Craft, capture, and cut your very own wildlife filmmaking masterpiece amidst the breathtaking landscapes of one of Africa’s most mesmerizing game reserves. Unleash your creative prowess and bring the wild to life through your lens!

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Course Overview

Ready to dive into the heart of wild Africa and unleash your passion for wildlife filmmaking? Look no further – Africa Media’s Wildlife Filmmaking Adventure is tailor-made for bold spirits like you!

Picture this: a 4-week rollercoaster of hands-on learning that will skyrocket your filmmaking game. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast itching to capture Africa’s jaw-dropping wildlife or dreaming of a career in the wild world of filmmaking, this is your golden ticket.

Our program isn’t your typical classroom setup; it’s a wild ride guided by top-notch wildlife filmmakers and experts straight out of Africa. They’re not just mentors; they’re your partners in crime, sharing insider secrets and honing your skills as you craft your very own wildlife documentary.

Join us on a journey through the three cinematic phases – pre-production, production, and post-production. Get ready to master camera wizardry, editing magic, audio sorcery, storytelling spells, and the art of creating your unique wildlife masterpiece.

The action peaks during our nine-day escapade into one of Africa’s premier wildlife reserves. Imagine being right in the midst of the action, capturing the wild in all its untamed glory for your documentary.

But wait, there’s more! Post-production is your chance to shine as you edit and present your 5-minute magnum opus. This isn’t just a program; it’s your ticket to the real-world thrills of wildlife filmmaking – the highs, the lows, and the daily challenges faced by those documenting the world’s most incredible wildlife and wild places.

Ready to roar with your camera? Join us and let’s make movie magic in the heart of Africa!


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$ 3900.00

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Underwater Videography
$ 3900,00

Provides ultimate platform to master the art of underwater videography in the tropical paradise of Southern Africa’s warm Indian Ocean.

Underwater Photography
$ 3900,00

Provides ultimate platform to master the art of underwater photography in the tropical paradise of Southern Africa’s  warm Indian Ocean.

Wildlife & Travel Photography
$ 3600,00

Master the skills to become a wildlife filmmaker. Develop, film and edit your own wildlife documentary on one of Africa’s most stunning wildlife game reserves.

Africa Media Online Academy
$ 250,00

Learn on your own time with our beginner e-learning filmmaking courses. You can explore wildlife and underwater programmes.

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