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Elevate your photography game from enthusiastic amateur to aspiring professional! Discover the art of turning your passion into profit with our Wildlife and Travel photography program in Africa. Immerse yourself in incredible photographic opportunities while mastering the skills to make money from your craft. It’s time to capture not just moments but a career in the fascinating world of photography!

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Course Overview

Embark on an immersive photographic safari with Africa Media’s Wildlife and Travel Photojournalism program, where we’re not just guiding you into the heart of wild Africa but shaping you into the next wave of professional photojournalists, regardless of age!

Picture this: you, side by side with Africa’s top-notch photojournalists, not just as guides but as your mentors, unraveling the secrets of the industry and sharing their photographic wizardry. Together, we’ll explore the wild landscapes and unique photographic platforms Africa has to offer.

Over 28 exhilarating days, you’ll venture into various photographic realms – from wildlife safaris to animal sanctuaries and heart-pounding great white shark cage diving expeditions. Each journey will hone your photojournalistic skills, unveiling advanced techniques to capture the very essence of your subjects.

But here’s the real deal – it’s not just about taking stunning shots. Our program is your gateway to becoming a pro in the wildlife and travel photojournalism arena. Dive deep into interactive lectures and hands-on workshops, where you’ll unravel the secrets of identifying compelling stories, tapping into diverse revenue streams, and building a professional network that unlocks doors to the world.

Ready to tell captivating stories through your lens and make waves in the photojournalism scene? Join us on this unforgettable safari of self-discovery and photographic mastery!


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$ 3600.00

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Underwater Videography
$ 3900,00

Provides ultimate platform to master the art of underwater videography in the tropical paradise of Southern Africa’s warm Indian Ocean.

Underwater Photography
$ 3900,00

Provides ultimate platform to master the art of underwater photography in the tropical paradise of Southern Africa’s warm Indian Ocean.

Wildlife Filmmaking
$ 3900,00

Master the skills to become a wildlife filmmaker. Develop, film and edit your own wildlife documentary on one of Africa’s most stunning wildlife game reserves.

Africa Media Online Academy
$ 250,00

Learn on your own time with our beginner e-learning filmmaking courses. You can explore wildlife and underwater programmes.

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