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Dive into the art of capturing moments beneath the waves! Guided by an expert underwater photographer, our program ensures you master the vital skills needed for seamless integration of SCUBA diving and underwater photography. Let the depths become your canvas as you navigate the essential techniques with confidence.

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Course Overview

Dive into the realm of underwater photography, where you’ll not only gain the knowledge and hands-on skills to master this art but also explore the captivating diversity of the stunning coral reefs in the warm embrace of the Indian Ocean.

Our program utilizes top-notch DSLR cameras housed in Sea&Sea casings, complemented by exceptional strobe lighting and accessories that elevate your underwater photography game.

Crafted by the internationally acclaimed underwater photographer, journalist, and conservationist Fiona Ayerst, this course is your key to unlocking a fresh, intimate perspective on the underwater world. Beyond the usual theory, discover how a profound connection to the marine realm enhances your ability to captivate the natural curiosity of its inhabitants. Fiona’s team is geared up to teach you the secrets behind achieving perfectly exposed and composed images. For advanced students, this is your canvas to let creativity flow and embrace new techniques. Dive in and redefine your underwater photography journey!


The program involves extensive SCUBA based photography dives. To participate in these dives, participants must be a minimum of open-water SCUBA certified. We require that non-certified participants gain certification prior to the start of the program during either a 1 or 2-week intensive SCUBA diving training course. Book your certification course here


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$ 3900,00

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