Tutorial: Taking cinematic underwater footage with a GoPro

Have you ever wanted to take cinematic underwater footage with a GoPro or other action camera, but didn’t know how? Making your underwater footage look more cinematic gives it a richer and more aesthetic appearance. However, there are specific things you need to do in order to make your GoPro video footage look like something out of a movie. Watch Vanessa Cara-Kerr from Behind the Mask explain this concept. Here, she gives some good pointers on what you need to do to take some awesome, cinematic underwater footage with a GoPro.

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Vanessa shares 8 important tips for taking cinematic underwater footage with a GoPro. The tutorial places specific focus on the gear you will need, what settings you need to use while filming and what you can do in the editing process afterward to enrich your footage. This is a great and condensed guide to making your underwater footage stand out from the rest. In short, making your underwater video more cinematic will result in footage that you could use to build your own personal underwater videography portfolio.

Another cool underwater video tip you could check out, is shooting black-water video. This is another specific area of underwater videography you could try out. So, use our guide to show you how.

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