Youth Ambassador of Southern Africa – Davey du Plessis


“Drop in the ocean”


Starting their voyage from Cape Town in April 2015, Durban based brothers Davey du Plessis (26) and Richie Wolff (21) will endure the ultimate physical and mental challenge – crossing the Atlantic Ocean by means of a customised pedal boat, with no engine or sail. This 6450 kilometre journey, from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, is expected to take between 90 to 150 days and will test their determination and willpower. A compassionate environmental campaigner, Davey hopes this expedition will shine a light on the pressing environmental issue of the Holocene extinction. Stormy seas; extreme seasickness and equipment failure are all a possibility for this dynamic duo.


  • Release date: March 2015
  • Draft length: 2395 words
  • Author: Fiona Ayerst & Etoile Smulder
  • Region: South Africa