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Wildlife and Travel Photojournalism

Upgrade from an enthusiastic amateur photographer to an aspiring professional. Learn how to make money from Wildlife and Travel photography whilst experiencing incredible photographic platforms in Africa

Wildlife & Travel Photojournalism Training Program

Africa Media’s wildlife and travel photojournalism program is a experiential learning safari that guides aspiring photojournalistsinoto the heart of wild Africa. At its core, the program aims to develop a new generation (of all ages) of professional wildlife photojournalists capable of traveling the world and capturing images and telling photographic stories that captivate and engage audiences.

The program pairs students with some of Africa’s top professional photojournalists who will act as both your guides and tutors, sharing their industry knowledge and photographic skills with you as you explore the incredible wild places and photographic platforms so unique to Africa.

Over the 14 or 28 days program, participants will journey to over 10 different photographic platforms that include wildlife safaris, animal sanctuaries, and some of the country’s top ecotourism expeditions, such as great white shark cage diving. On each expedition, students will focus on different aspects of photojournalism, including the advanced photographic techniques that are guaranteed to capture the essence and story of the subjects you are documenting.

In addition to the incredible photographic safari, students will also be coached on succeeding in the industry of wildlife and travel photojournalism as a professional. During interactive lectures and practical workshops, students will delve into the world of becoming a professional photojournalist, including identifying and researching great stories, understanding and capitalising from a diverse range of revenue streams, and building and maintaining a professional network that will open the doors of the world to you.

Flexi-booking special

Africa Media is offering a ‘Flexi-booking’ special during the challenges of Covid-19. When booking with Flexi-booking, you are able to secure your spot and only choose which month you will attend when you are comfortable you can travel safely and securely.

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Alumni Reviews

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Marco Battaglia
Internship in wildlife and travel photography

I really didn't know what to expect by such an incredible program presentation. When I first arrived at the house I had a warm welcoming by group and staff, the place was so beautifully immersed in the nature of this little and quite town. The program was absolutely outstanding. I really loved the thing that you are able to live the real African lifestyle since you're not living in a hotel. You get to experience the real culture of this vibrantread more

Lucy Hopton
I experienced everything under the African sun

The beginning of my journey, flying solo to Mossel Bay from Australia, was nerve-wrecking to say the least. Luckily, from the moment I touched down in Africa, I knew I was set for an amazing month. We experienced everything under the African sun at Africa Media. The Wildlife and Travel photography internship not only exposed me to Africa’s amazing Big 5, Great White sharks, walking with elephants and playing with Cheetahs, I was also able to expand myread more

Elaine Smith
Experience of a lifetime

We spent a month last year as interns and throughly enjoyed the program. There was so much to do from hiking and wildlife photography to underwater shark experiences. The staff was great and knowledgeable. Our accommodations were amazing. I would highly recommend this program, it's an experience of a lifetime.

Kyle Williamson
Able to travel to some amazing places

In the time I spent with Africa Media I was able to travel to some amazing places, see animals I would never get to see up close, and meet some of the coolest people ever. I truly enjoyed my time there. As with any program there were some minor complications but the group had to push passed and we ended up having an amazing time.

Jessica Furlong
Truly inspiring

In the month I spent as an Africa Media intern, I met and stayed with some of the most amazing people I've ever met. The staff is not only knowledgeable about their craft, they're passionate. They truly care about each and every one of their interns. Their attitudes toward their job and toward their life were absolutely inspiring and I think anyone would be lucky to spend time with them.


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Africa Media is a premier supplier of production services, experiential media training programs and interactive edu-tourism expeditions throughout Southern Africa.

Our mission is to build an enthusiastic generation of wildlife and environmental  specialists who have the skills and passion to build successful careers or make significant contributions in the wildlife and environmental media industry.



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