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During your time with us, you will engage with many aspects of South African life. Check out the  training and experiences you will receive during the wildlife and travel photojournalism program!

Daily Syllabus

**Please note that daily activities may change due to weather and operational requirements at our various photographic platforms. 

DAY 1-5 (Estimated)

Orientation – arrival and welcome. Day spent ensuring paperwork is completed, living arrangements established and a familiarity tour of the local town/area. Technical tricks are scattered throughout. Each day is full of the practical application of techniques.

Introduction to DSLR – Day spent learning about equipment, how to maintain it, when and where equipment is used and some of the basic settings of the equipment.

Introduction to DSLR -Day spent learning about settings of DSLR and how to use settings for various types of speciality photography

**Cape St. Blaize expedition – Photographic expedition along the Saint Blaize trail utilising photographic techniques for landscape and scenic type photography.

Lightroom and stock photography – Learn adobe lightroom for cataloguing and sourcing your photographs.  Delve into building your portfolio and commercial operations on international stock libraries.

DAY 6-10 (Estimated)

Expedition to Camdaboo– Drive to Mount Camedaboo game reserve. Afternoon photographic shoot at Vally of Desolation.

Safari Mount Camdaboo – Full day photographic safari of Mount Camdeboo on private game vehicle. Evening night shoot and star trails.

Safari Mount Camdaboo – Full day photographic safari of Mount Camdeboo on private game vehicle. Afternoon walking expedition throughout game reserve.

Safari Mount Camdaboo – full day photographic safari of Mount Camdeboo on private game vehicle including expedition to ancient cave paintings and the alpine regions of reserve.

Safari Mount Camdaboo – morning photographic safari of Mount Camdeboo on private game vehicle. Midday departure for Mossel Bay

DAY 11-15 (Estimated)

Photographic postproduction – full day workshop in photographic editing techniques, metadata, and ensuring students are informed on the latest techniques in processing and displaying photographic images.

Community expedition – Delve into a traditional South African community for a cultural photographic expedition. Learn about the ethics, legalities and requirements of travel photography when interacting with indigenous communities.

**Plettenberg expedition – Depart for Plettenberg Bay and check into apartment. Afternoon photographic expedition of Roopberg nature reserve and the Cape fur Seal Colony.

**Monkeyland / Birds of Eden – Expedition to two large animal sanctuaries, Monkey land and Birds of Eden. Photographic the free-roaming inhabitants in their natural environments

Return day – Return to Mossel Bay, and then spend remainder of the day editing and conducting postproduction on weeks photographs under guidance of program instructor.

DAY 16-20 (Estimated)

**Underwater Photography  – Workshop in the use of and techniques of underwater photography. Afternoon snorkeling expedition to practice underwater photography in tidal pools using prosumer cameras (No SCUBA required)

**White Shark Cage Diving – Morning workshop on photography from a vessel. Midday white shark cage diving expedition to Seal Island.

Travel photography expedition – opportunistic expedition to a local tourism attraction to work with and photographic the experience for the attraction. Afternoon workshop on social media and utilising these platforms for career and network development.

**Water photography expedition – Trip to beach, river or pools for photographic expedition using slow shutter speeds and other advanced techniques used for scenic photography involving water.

Career development & Portfolio – Morning spent on career development for aspiring wildlife and travel photographers, including the development of professional network, freelancer work and career and monetary opportunities for photographers. The afternoon will be spent finalising your photographic portfolio and exporting prior to an evening showing.

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