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Administration of Africa Media


Welcome to the online resource section for Africa Media’s administrative services.

Process Program Booking

Step 1 - Woocommerce evaluation

Ensure correctness and process booking on woocommerce in wordpress backend

Step 2 - Process on booking sheet

Update the annual excel booking sheet located on google drive

Step 3 - Update Mailchimp fields

Update Mailchimp properties (fields and tags) by submitting form

Step 4 - Process on Hubspot

Update client status on Hubspot

Trouble shoot

Check payment received into paypal here: check payment

Check payment received into bank account here: check payment

Check mailchimp fields updateed correctly check fields

Process Upsale

Step 1 - Evaluate availability

Ensure stock is available (e.g. single rooms) before accepting orders for an upsale (e.g. single accommodation, meal plan).

Step 2 - Process on woocommerce

Ensure woocommerce is processed. If no availability – cancel order and write to client.

Step 3 - Update booking sheet

Update booking sheet with relevant information to allow providers to provide the upgrade service

Collect Balances

Step 1 - Check payment status

Balance is due ’30 days’ prior to arrival. Check payment status on woocommerce, Paypal, and bank accounts. (prepare a table list of participants to send to the financial and general managers)

Check woocommerce here – Click here

Check Paypal account – Click here

Check Bank Account – Click here

Step 2 - Update & remind on woocommerce

If payment receive update status on woocommerce – alternatively send reminder to client via woocommerce

Lead Management

Role of the administrative officier is to quickly and efficiently assign incoming leads to the Africa Media sales team. This is done in mornings and throughout the work days. Also can be done once a day via cellphone remotely on weekends

Lead Assigment Lesson

Spam Removal Lesson

Merging tickets

eLearning management

As part of Africa Media’s programs, we offer eLearning to students. After ordering, it is necessary for the administrator officer to manually enrol students into the required courses.

NB: To gain access to the above link, you need to be logged into the Africa Media website. 

How to enrol students

Service Providers

Hitting the below link will take you to a list of approved Service Providers for all things Africa Media in Mossel Bay and Aliwal Shoal. This includes hosts, guides, freelancers, mechanics. etc

Training Video

Africa Media affiliate marketing program offers alumni and fans the opportunity to market africa media programs and earn commission on these sales.

Step 1. Login to Africa Media wordpress backend dashboard.

Step 2. Select “Coupon Affiliates” tab

Step 3. Select “Coupon List” sub tab

Step 4. Select “add coupon’  button

Step 5. Enter a coupon code (e.g. – surname of affiliat marketer)

Step 6. Write description – (i.e. affiliate marketer – First name, last name)

Step 7. Under ‘General’ – change coupon amount to $200

Step 8. Under ‘useage restrictions’ – Change  min spend to $1900 and check both boxes (coupons not to be used in conjunction)

Step 9. Under ‘Usage limits’ – Change usage limit per user to ‘1’.

Step 10. Under ‘coupon affiliates’ – Change Affiliate user to the affiliate uer name. NB. Find this name from submitted form or user account. Then start typing this name. select the new affiliates user name

Step 11. Hit ‘publish’ to make the coupon live

Program Outline

  • Interested people signup to program and agree to terms and conditions. They require ADMINISTRATOR to process their application to have them successfully listed as an Affiliate Marketer


  • Affiliate marketers are then issued (automatically) with a unique link that they use for marketing. When a prospect clicks on link and arrives at our website, the website automatically matches them with the affiliate marketer.


  • When this lead converts and pays deposit. The affiliate marketer has $200 credited to their account on our website. The affiliate marketer can then ask that this is used to offset their program fees or be paid out via paypal.

Affiliate Register

Affiliate marketers sign up themselves, but are activated by the ADMINISTRATOR issuing an affiliate marketing coupon. Hit the link below to issue a coupon


This section offers various resources to research the affiliate progrram and also to conduct payments to affiliates.

Review the programs terms and conditions for affiliates when they sign up

Affiliate payouts

Human Resources

Contracts and Agreements

Below you will find links to common contract templates that are required to be signed and stored prior to a person taking on an employment or volunteer position at Africa Media.

Code of Conduct

Africa Media works with international clients and students. It is vital that all Africa Media staff, including freelance instructors and field specialists abite by the companies code of conduct.


This section offers various resources to research the affiliate progrram and also to conduct payments to affiliates.

Review the programs terms and conditions for affiliates when they sign up

Course instructor resources to run the wildlife filmmaking program with Africa Media

This section focus’s on Africa Media merchandise, and specifically the administration of our Africa Media clothing range.

Price List

Prices (Rand)
Legend long-sleeve – Khaki men 700
Legend long-sleeve – Khaki lady 620
Legend long-sleeve – Fatigue men 700
Legend long-sleeve – Fatigue lady 620
Legend short-sleeve – Khaki men 630
Legend short-sleeve – Khaki lady 600
Legend short-sleeve – Fatigue men 630
Legend short-sleeve – Fatigue lady 600
Legend short-sleeve – Stone men 630
Legend short-sleeve – Stone lady 600
Legendary caps 300
Quilted Sherpa jacket – mens 1200
Quilted Sherpa jacket – woman 1200
Quilted Sherpa B/Warmer – woman 1000
Quilted Sherpa B/Warmer – men 1000
Hoodie tops – Charcoal 750
Hoodie tops – Fatigue 750
1/4 Zip fleece sweater 750
Famous Five fleese jacket 800
Vented long-sleeve shirt 750
Long-sleeve T-shirt 280
Short-sleeve T-shirt – Khaki 250
Short-sleeve T-shirt – Fatigue 250

Sales and Stock

Access google drive spreadsheet with product stock and sales information. Use this when making a sale to update stock levels and record sale items

Merchandise sales lesson


This section deals with the manufacture of clothing, including designs, service providers and costs.

Service Providers

Printers / Embroidery

  • Mossel Bay embroidery: Karn – 072 248 8568

Clothing Supplier

  • Agri:

Program Certificates

Downloaded electronically signed program certificates for students here. Students names can either by typed in or handwritten