Africa Media’s principal photographer, Fiona Ayerst’s image chosen in the Top 50 of the Save Our Seabirds international photo competition- “Oceans of Life”

Our own multi- award winning photographer, Fiona Ayerst , has had one of her images nominated for an award in this prestigious competition, October 2012. Check out the line up of 50 finalists. 

Fiona’s image of a pygmy seahorse was captured in Sulawesi,Indonesia on a night dive in the Lembeh straits. This seahorse is only the size of a tiny fingernail on a child’s smallest finger and is well camouflaged in the soft coral polyps in which is sits and feeds with its family. This image together with the other 49 finalists will be on display at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town from 8 October to 8 December 2012 so pop in and take a look at this incredible array of images.We are sure you will agree the competition standard was super-high and Fiona told us she is delighted to have been placed in the top 50 of such a prestigious lineup of  photographers and images.  The winning photo of a baby seal is truly a stunner and well deserved of its place. It was Fiona’s fave too!