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Online eLearning

Begin your journey into becoming a wildlife media specialist with dedicated online eLearning courses presented by the media professionals from Africa Media

Rollout Underway

Our eLearning courses are currently being rolled out. More courses will come online once our wildlife media instructors complete their sections. Please connect with us to review the progress on our courses.


Africa Media’s courses are presented by industry professionals and focussed on skills and knowledge for career development.


Each course concludes with a 20-minute consultation and personal training session with one of our dedicated wildlife media specialists.


Gain a formal accredition certificate for every course you complete, as well as, a linkedin badge of skill.

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Enrolled in our eLearning courses? View your student profile, certificates and progress on your courses. 

Experiential Courses

Take your learning to a new level with Africa Media’s experiential learning programs set in the heart of Africa