Omar Manjouneh

Confidence to be a wildlife filmmaker

My internships was by far one of the most amazing experiences I was fortunate to come across through my career. Coming from a traditional filmmaking background, having studied film directing for 4 years, I was hoping to expose myself to more of a specialized insight into the wildlife filmmaking industry focusing mainly on practical and field knowledge and that was exactly what I got. Having the core of the course structure revolving around the process of making a short wildlife documentary from scratch assured that each participant will have a fully-hatched product to showcase as soon as he/she finishes the course. The only thing I kind of missed was the mentorship and guidance necessary for taking future steps, which I hope It’s been already taken notice of, and going to change soon. I’m so happy that I was able to gain full confidence in my ability to fulfill my dream of becoming a wildlife filmmaker, and that wouldn’t have been achieved without the great help from Ryan, Dan and whole team of Africa Media. Thanks a lot and I hope we’ll stay in touch.


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