How to make your own travel blogging website

One of the main questions that we get asked here at Africa Media academy, if ‘how to start a blog?’ While that could mean a million plus things, I assume it’s how to start a blog AND make money as a travel blogger or environmental journalist. So without further ado, here are our best tips for starting a successful, kickass travel blog!

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1. Pick a really good name

It’s all in a name. Seriously, it is. In today’s world, more or less everyone has the attention span of a toddler. You have about 5 seconds to make it count – pick a really good memorable name the defines what your blog is all about. If you want my advice, and you are looking to break into the travel blogger community, avoid the following words if possible:

  • Nomal
  • Wanderer
  • Adventurous
  • Global
  • Backpacker
  • Traveller
  • Vagabond

How do I phrase this? They are taken. They are oversaturated. They’re unoriginal and boring. They’ve been claimed by top serious bloggers already who have been established for years and years. When I am introduced to a new blogger with one of these words in their blog name, I usually forget what they are called before the conversation is even over. I know I am sounding really harsh here and obviously there are exceptions, but the reality is there are thousands of people trying to “make it” as a travel blogger. You have got to stand out.

You also have to remember that your name is your brand, so if you include words like “backpacker” or “budget” you’ve just pigeonholed yourself into traveling cheap for a long time! No 5 star free hotels for you my friend. Travel styles change and evolve, so be very cautious and remember that.

Pick an interesting blog name, pick one that defines your goals and aspirations as a travel blogger. Pick something different and unique, and definitely memorable. And make sure you pick something that can travel with you over the years because once you’re in the game, it’s really really hard and expensive to do a rebranding and renaming of your blog.

So for example if you start a blog while you’re an expat in South Africa or Italy, but you plan on moving around later on, don’t put the countries in the title of your blog. And for god’s sake please pick a name that reads well, especially squashed together into a website URL.

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