Happy Valentine’s Day from Africa

We know this may be a few hours early for some, but we couldn’t wait to share. Starting with this photo of a gorgeous show of affection between two of the stars of the show- the king of the beasts- we the staff and owners of Africa Media wish all our friends and clients a loving and happy valentine’s day filled with wild and fierce creatures. OK we do accept that not many of these pictures show the wild animals of Africa being wild and fierce, but we think you’ll love them anyway. Something we try to teach our students on the wildlife and travel photo program is how to think of, and then shoot for, special occasions. Of course valentine’s day is one special day on our planet. It’s a time when everyone forgets the hate and instead, loves. We are lucky to be based in one of the more beautiful corners of Africa and to be continually delighted and intrigued by the love our animal friends show each other. Perhaps, it’s time to take a little more notice. Maybe it shouldn’t just be one day that the love is shared?  Here are some of our favourite loving valentine’s day photos from a number of our students over the years. We hope you enjoy them and remember- love conquers all.