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Take on the sardine run

Over the past few years I have been leading expeditions to South Africa’s annual Sardine Run with Blue Wilderness. This […]

Freediving: An essential skill for any ocean enthusiast!

 Eat. Sleep. Work. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the routine of modern society. Drifting in […]

5 travel resorts that are saving wildlife and the community

Probably every single one of us has had the experience of falling in love with a place, only to return […]

Top 5 spots to go snorkeling with whale sharks

Snorkeling with whale sharks ranks near the top of any diving bucket list. With a head like the hood of […]

Canadian Wildlife Filmmaking Company seeks Talent

Canadian Production Company, River Road Films, seeks Producers, an AP, Researchers, a PM and an Exec Producer. Experienced Canadian (or […]