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Course Instructor

The course instructor is a freelance position. The terms of the contract are contained within the contract template that is also on here. The specific characteristics that we are seeking in an applying candidate are the following:

  1. Extroverted team player – The position involves engaging with students daily for long periods of time,  and being and showing happiness in doing so ( even if feeling unhappy ). This requires a confident, outgoing, upbeat and extremely extroverted personality type. The person must be able to work with others and be generous in the giving of their time and effort.
  2. Wildlife Knowledge – Requires previous skills working with wildlife if possible. Specifically, experience on game farms/reserves with a solid knowledge of being able to identify different wildlife species and basic knowledge of the biology and ecology of most typical reserve species. If other listed skills are exemplary then this one can be relaxed somewhat.
  3. Camera Knowledge – Requires past experience filming with high-quality video cameras, specifically ones with professional-level functions and controls. Not necessarily using cameras for wildlife, but the instructor needs to know the way around a camera sufficiently well to guide students.
  4. Editing – Must have extensive experience in editing on adobe premier or a similar program (e.g. final cut, avid). Must be able to convert this knowledge to teaching.
  5. Drivers licence – Must be a competent driver using manual gears, and must be comfortable driving students around the western cape. Not required to drive on reserves.
  6. Gear maintenance – Keeping older cameras and tripods going requires an instructor who cares about gear and knows how to maintain it and fix it if required. Needs to be confident enough to show students how to maintain and point out if they are mistreating the gear.

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Field Specialist


Africa Media is a premier supplier of production services, experiential media training programs and interactive edu-tourism expeditions throughout Southern Africa.

Our mission is to build an enthusiastic generation of wildlife and environmental  specialists who have the skills and passion to build successful careers or make significant contributions in the wildlife and environmental media industry.



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